Explore Seychelles

The Seychelles is a celebration of culture, nature and breathtaking beauty. Astonishing beaches, lush plantations and historical sights all add layers of adventure to your unforgettable holiday experience. Rocky outcrops and rich vegetation are characteristic of the granitic islands, while the coralline islands are typically flat, swathed in cerulean waves that lick the crystal-white beaches. 

Island hopping is a firm favourite among guests, by boat or by air, where you’ll marvel at indigenous flora and local fauna, many species of which are endemic to these remote islands, all in classic Beachcomber style and sophistication.

Explore quaint galleries, craft shops, old-Creole plantation houses and museums. Visit Mahé’s museum, botanical garden, tea plantation and national monuments. Experience the diversity of the people through fragrant Seychellois cuisine. 

Jardin du Roi

With its old spice garden and the vista from the Mission viewpoint and Kenwyn House - a colonial house and home to SA Diamond - you won't want to miss out.

Vallee de Mai - Praslin

Described as the original Garden of Eden, the Vallee de Mai forest is millions of years old and host to some of the rarest trees and plants in the world. Visitors are invited to explore the nature trails of the valley and see the most spectacular sight of all, the majestic Coco de Mer palms. In places, the canopy of palm leaves is so dense that no sunlight can penetrate. Freshwater crabs and giant crayfish inhabit the streams, while rare birds, including black parrots, hummingbirds, and the island’s mysterious blackbird, frolic among the trees, ferns, bamboo and vanilla orchids. A high point includes a visit to an immense granite outcrop aged 650 million years.

La Digue

What makes La Digue a startling sight to behold is the giant granite boulders that inspire a connection with and a passion for nature. Combine this with a visit to Union Estate and watch as coconuts are processed and transformed to produce oil and copra. The best way to explore La Digue is either on foot or by bicycle

Bird Island

You don’t have to be a bird enthusiast to fall in love with the quiet mystery of this avian wonderland. Make sure you book your seat on the plane, because a mere half-hour flight takes you to Bird Island - the breeding place of millions of sooty terns who flock in from May to September to nest in the soft, warm sands of the island.


The glistening, clear blue ocean teems with thousands of fish species just waiting to be explored, so grab your fishing rod and with a bit of luck and patience on your side, you'll haul in the catch of the day. Boats with professional skippers will guide you to the most prolific fishing grounds, bustling with grouper, bream, emperor or job fish, or tackle a marlin, barracuda, tuna or sailfish for the thrill of a lifetime.

Enquire with the Guest Relations department regarding an appointment with your Masons Representative, when they are next at Sainte Anne, to discuss your excursion requirements.


Sainte Anne Island is surrounded by a Marine National Park, home to more than 150 species of fish and magnificent underwater life. No motorised water sports are permitted to disturb this natural paradise where the treasures of the sea have thrived over thousands of years. Don a snorkel and flippers and discover the magic beneath the blue. Or venture deeper on specially organised scuba diving expeditions.

Exert your energy paddling a kayak and laze away the days under sail in the gentle breeze. Play a game of floodlit tennis in the cool of the evening or explore the island by bicycle.