• South African authorities require passengers to complete a “Traveller Health Questionnaire – Exit Screening from South Africa” form and hand it in prior to passing through emigration. Download it here.


  • All passengers (aged 18 years at time of travel to Mauritius) need to be fully vaccinated. Check that your party complies with regards to which vaccines the Mauritius Government recognises/accepts, as well as the timeframe in which travel is permitted post vaccination/s - read more here
  • NB: Pfizer-vaccinated passengers can only fly on the 15th day after their second dose; J&J-vaccinated passengers can only travel from day 29.
  • The government-issued vaccination card for each passenger must be presented at various times during the journey.
  • In the case of an adult passenger (aged 18 years+) who has had COVID-19 and has only had their first Pfizer vaccination: They must travel with a letter from their General Practitioner or Physician stating they have previously contracted COVID-19 and since recovered fully; they must also carry their vaccination card showing the details of their first vaccination and travel date must be at least 15 days after vaccination.
PCR tests:
  • All passengers (including infants) must be in possession of a hard-copy negative test result – in addition to the regular travel documents as detailed on our confirmation document.
Completed forms:
  • Please visit the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority’s website to complete the required documentation ahead of your departure to Mauritius. These forms need to be completed and handed to immigration and health officials on arrival in Mauritius’s SSR Airport. Complete the ALL IN ONE TRAVEL FORM.
Proof of travel insurance:
  • A hard copy of your travel insurance policy (including COVID cover) must be available to present at various stages of your journey.


  • A negative SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR (COVID-19 RT PCR) test result must be presented when checking in for your flight in Johannesburg, and also on arrival in Mauritius.
  • Your sample for the PCR test must be collected and tested within 72 hours of your departure from South Africa.
  • To locate a lab close to you please visit:
       Ampath Laboratories 
       Lancet Laboratories


  • Please visit the relevant airline website/s for information pertaining to protocols for your flights:
       Air Mauritius
    NB: surgical masks are required for each passenger irrespective of age throughout the entire journey (transfers, time in airport, flight/s).
    A sufficient supply allowing for a new mask for each passenger every 4 hours should be carried.
       South African Airways
       British Airways Comair
  • All passengers will undergo a temperature check by means of a thermal camera on departure from South Africa and on arrival in SSR Airport.
  • Wearing a face mask and regular sanitising of hands is mandatory.


  • If you have booked transfers as part of your Beachcomber package, a Mautourco representative will guide you from the arrivals’ hall to the designated transfer vehicle. Please ensure your mask is always worn correctly during your transfers.


  • On arrival at your resort (day 0) all clients will undergo an antigen test. Test results are produced within minutes and when a negative test result is received, guests are free to enjoy the facilities of the resort and venture out to explore the island.
  • If an individual receives a positive test result, please view the FAQ page here for the procedures that will be followed.
  • Guests are required to undergo another antigen test on day 5. The cost of both antigen tests will be borne by the Beachcomber group.
  • Mauritian law states that hotel guests may remove their mask when on the beach, at the pool or when seated at a restaurant table or in the bar. In all other scenarios, please wear your mask. For more information - including protocols surrounding masks for younger children - please click here.
  • More information pertaining to your stay at a Beachcomber resort can be found here.


  • Travel insurance is mandatory and a policy inclusive of COVID cover must be issued at time of booking.
  • Beachcomber is unable to offer advice, nor consult, on matters pertaining to travel insurance, but we recommend that our passengers consider these insurers and speak directly to them for more information:
       Bryte Insurance Company Limited
       Travel Insurance Consultants


  • All passengers (irrespective of age) are required by the Mauritian Government to present a negative PCR test result at check in for their return flight when departing from Mauritius (specimen collected within 72 hours of departure from Mauritius). Any passengers that can’t produce the test result will be offloaded from the flight. 
  • This negative PCR test result is also required by South Africa's Department of Health for each passenger on arrival in Johannesburg (children under 5 years are exempt, however, all passengers require the test result for their flight). For more information click here
  • Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels has a contract in place with C-Lab and a staff member will travel to the resort to collect the specimens for the PCR test if an appointment is made. Each test is from MUR2,200 and is for the client's account.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to book the appointment with the Guest Relations Desk for these tests and this must be done on arrival, or the morning after. Due to high volumes of travellers in Mauritius requiring tests this must be done ASAP after arrival. 
  • Failure to confirm an appointment could see clients not being able to depart Mauritius as scheduled. Any costs relating to purchasing of new air tickets and additional nights at the hotel will be for the client’s account.
  • NB: It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure the PCR test appointment needed for departure from Mauritius is confirmed for the required day.
  • The South African authorities require a form to be completed per passenger ahead of their arrival back in South Africa: "Traveller health questionnaire: entry screening to South Africa (International travel)" - download it here.

Important: All information and website links were correct at the time this information source was formulated. Clients need to re-check this information source 5 days prior to departure to ensure no changes/updates have taken place. The responsibility remains that of the passenger to verify all information prior to travel and ensure they comply with government, airline, and service provider protocols. This information is based on travel from, and back to, South Africa. Should your country of origin or return differ, please check the requirements for the country in question. Last updated 25 November 2021 (V10).