Beachcomber’s SAFE PLACE promise - our Guest Journey from beginning to end

Posted in News on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 by The Beachcomber Tours Correspondent

Our commitment to our guests

The Government of Mauritius has gained the upper hand in the fight against COVID-19, whose first cases were reported on 20 March 2020. The phased easing of lockdown has been going smoothly since 15 May. This is great news across all sectors of the economy, including hospitality, with Mauritius looking forward to reclaiming its place among the world’s top tourist destinations.

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels is actively preparing for the post-COVID-19 period and the reopening of its eight resorts. As a pioneer and historical leader in the hospitality industry in Mauritius, the Group has set new standards and developed the SAFE PLACE label in partnership with LIBA, an ISO 17025 accredited international bioanalytical laboratory. Hygiene, health and safety are part of the Group’s DNA and are strictly defined in the relevant policies. They are formalised through stringent protocols and procedures, monitored by reputable agencies like SGS, QuantiLab and LIBA. The Group has taken the lead in terms of health requirements with the SAFE PLACE certification. The aim is to better protect guests and Artisans while enhancing its response to new health, hygiene, safety and environmental requirements, considering that the COVID-19 crisis has heightened the level of precautionary measures.

Enhanced hygiene measures are in place in all Beachcomber hotels through clear protocols, which strictly comply with WHO recommendations and local sanitary regulations. An infirmary is available at all resorts, with a doctor on call 24/7 and operating along well-defined procedures.  Our Artisans undergo health screenings and are continuously trained on preventive health measures and reinforced cleaning procedures. The most frequently touched surfaces in rooms and other common areas are disinfected with approved chemicals, using innovative cleaning equipment.

Safe Guest Journey

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels has always been committed to the well-being of its guests. It has also redesigned the Guest Journey to promote safe and unforgettable experiences. Social distancing is prioritised and the use of face masks are recommended in situations where physical contact is inevitable. Table layouts have been reviewed in restaurants and à la carte service will be prioritised over self-service buffets. Our guests are kindly invited to take a shower before receiving a spa treatment and the number of people allowed in the fitness centre at any one time will also be limited. Hand sanitisers are available on reception desks in all common areas for use by guests.

Furthermore, over the years the Group has been actively engaged in implementing an array of health and safety measures, such as HACCP certification of its hotels, annual legionella risk assessments, continuous water quality testing and annual air quality monitoring by SGS and QuantiLab. The SAFE PLACE label provides an additional guarantee that Mauritius remains the world’s best holiday destination for its quality of service and beautiful natural environment as well as the high level of safety offered to holidaymakers during their stay. Foreign visitors who are fond of Mauritius are welcome to visit Beachcomber hotels for the most exclusive and relaxing holiday experience.


  • Our transport services and partners follow reinforced, precautionary measures with vehicles cleaned and disinfected prior to each trip.


  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are available at main entrances of all common areas for guests' use.
  • Guests are reminded of social distancing measures through clear floor markings and signage at strategic locations.
  • Face masks are recommended where social distancing cannot be adequately maintained and available at our infirmaries, reception desks and boutiques for purchase.
  • All key high-touch points in guest areas are sanitised multiple times a day with the use of electrostatic disinfectant sprayers as applicable.
  • All our Artisans have undergone medical screening, are monitored daily, are trained and are equipped with the required personal protective equipment for service.
  • Availability of an infirmary in the hotel with a nursing officer or doctor on call.
  • Temperature checks may be required where applicable.
  • Completely safe shopping experiences in our boutiques with reduced number of guests allowed at any one time.
  • Clothes tried on by guests will be separated and steam cleaned before being placed back on display.
  • A no-exchange policy on purchased items will be applied.

ART OF WELCOME | Arrival and Check-In

  • A warm welcome from our team with our porter who will sanitise guests' luggage before being placed in the room. 
  • Check-in formalities within our spacious lobby with preserved social distancing and hygiene practices.
  • All key cards are appropriately disinfected.


  • Prior to arrival, rooms will be deep cleaned and disinfected, with particular attention to all contact points.
  • Disinfecting wipes are placed in each guest's room.
  • We take extra care to meet our guests’ individual requirements. Generally, one Artisan will enter the room daily for cleaning, unless requested otherwise.
  • Digital room directory, brochures and menu cards are available in rooms via QR codes.
  • Paper collaterals generally available on request.

ART OF HOSTING | Restaurants & Bars

  • We have adapted the layout to allow compliance with social distancing guidelines; seating arrangements have been redesigned to keep adequate space between tables.
  • Tables and chairs are sanitised before and after each use.
  • Menu and bill folders are also sanitised between each use.
  • A la carte service prioritised over self-service buffets.
  • Buffet service will only be available at live cooking stations with food plating.


  • Safe, contactless room service delivery will be available on request.
  • Room service menus have been reviewed to ensure a wider choice, featuring some of our local delights.


  • Beach towels are available directly in the room, or provided to guests by the beach attendant.
  • Our sunbeds are generously spaced to maintain social distancing on the beach; they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.


  • Bookings are required for the use of wellness centres, including the use of wet and dry steam baths.
  • Guests with cold and flu-like symptoms should not come for treatments. Our 24-hour cancellation notice period will be waived.
  • We request that our spa guests take a shower before coming in for a treatment.
  • All our therapists will wear face masks and hand sanitisers are available in each treatment room.
  • Complete cleaning and disinfection routines are followed between each cabin use. 

ART OF FITNESS | Sports Facilities

  • Booking slots available with limited number of guests allowed at any one time within our fitness centre studios and classes.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection will take place.  
  • Guests are invited to wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • We will prioritise outdoor activities practiced in spacious areas.


  • As usual, parents are required to fill in and submit the registration form; kids exhibiting flu-like symptoms will not be admitted.
  • Staffing ratio per age group categories will be applicable.
  • Activities per age group will be spread across different areas, promoting outdoor locations.
  • Kids will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.
  • Kids may wear their own face mask provided there is no risk of misuse.
  • Kids Club area and toys cleaned and disinfected at frequent intervals.


  • A contactless check-out is also possible as a pre-departure bill can be sent by email.