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Beachcomber’s SAFE PLACE promise - an updated Guest Journey from beginning to end

Posted in News on Tuesday, July 5, 2022 by The Beachcomber Correspondent

Our commitment

At Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our Guests and Artisans has always been of the utmost importance. This is clearly set out in our Safety & Health Policy and through our heightened Safety Standards in place.

Safe Place Label

The Group has been actively engaged over the years implementing an array of health and safety measures, such as HACCP certification of its hotels, annual legionella risk assessments, continuous water quality testing and annual air quality monitoring by SGS and QuantiLab. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Beachcomber has partnered with LIBA, an ISO 17025 accredited international bioanalytical laboratory, to help confirm to all stakeholders, through our SAFE PLACE label, that the safety and hygiene practices are in place and verified. The SAFE PLACE label provides additional peace of mind to Guests when booking their stay in a Beachcomber Hotel for an exclusive and safe relaxing holiday experience.

General Measures

  • Enhanced hygiene measures are in place in all Beachcomber hotels through clear protocol, which strictly complies with World Health Organisation recommendations and local sanitary regulations.  All key high touch points in Guest areas are sanitised multiple times a day, including with use of electrostatic sprayers.
  • Hand sanitisers are available on reception desks in all common areas for use by guests.
  • Availability of an Infirmary on the resort with a Nursing Officer / else a Doctor on call.
  • Our Safe Place Champions readily available to provide any further assistance to Guests and explain sanitary protocols which are in place.
  • If a positive case is detected during the stay, Guest will be requested to self-isolate in a room for a period of at least 7 days, in a separate part of the hotel. 
  • The medical situation of the positive person will be assessed by the Ministry of Health teams and who will recommend for treatment in an hospital setting. The person may be transferred to an hotel-hospital, in a public hospital or in a private clinic depending on the medical situation.

Artisan Journey

  • Our Artisans’ health is monitored daily and those who are in contact with Guests have been vaccinated. 
  • Our Artisans are continually trained and practice in each of their daily tasks the hygiene protocols, including regular hand sanitisation.


Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels has always been committed to the well-being of its guests. It has also redesigned the Guest Journey to promote safe and unforgettable experience. 


  • In order to optimise communication with our Guests and help better prepare their stay, we offer the possibility to complete a Pre-registration form and Online Check-in prior to arrival. The hotel will do their utmost to attend to special requests.


  • Our transport services and partners follow reinforced precautionary measures with vehicle cleaned and disinfected prior to each trip.

ART OF WELCOME | Arrival and Check In

  • A warm welcome from our team with our porter who will sanitise your luggage before it enters the room. 
  • Online Check-in on your own device is possible, with contact-less payments available.
  • We make sure all key cards are appropriately disinfected.


  • Prior to arrival, your room has been deep cleaned and disinfected, with particular attention to all contact points.
  • We take extra care to meet our guests’ individual requirements. Generally, one Artisan will enter your room daily for cleaning, unless requested otherwise.
  • Digital Room directory, Brochures and Menu cards available in room via QR codes.
  • Paper collaterals generally available on request.

ART OF HOSTING | Restaurants & Bars

  • Tables and chairs sanitised before and after each usage.
  • Menu and Bill folders also sanitised between each use.
  • A la carte service prioritised over buffets.
  • Buffet service, if available, will offer live cooking stations and food plating.


  • Safe contactless room service delivery will be available if requested.
  • Room service menus offer a wider choice, featuring some of our local delights.


  • We request our Spa guests to take a shower before coming in for a treatment.
  • Complete cleaning and disinfection routine followed between each cabin use. 

ART OF FITNESS | Sports Facilities

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection will take place.  
  • Guests invited to wipe down equipment before and after use.


  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment and accessories after Guest use, with particular attention to lifejackets, snorkelling gears and key high touch areas.


  • As usual, parents required to fill in and submit the registration form; kids exhibiting flu-like symptoms would not be admitted.
  • Staffing ratio per age group categories would be applicable.
  • Activities per age group would be spread across different areas, promoting outdoor locations.
  • Kids will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.
  • Kids Club area and toys cleaned and disinfected at frequent intervals.


  • Clothes tried by guests segregated and steam cleaned before being placed back on display.
  • No change policy will be applied.


  • A contactless check-out is also possible, a room account Pre-departure bill together with a secure payment link can be sent by email.