UTRB 2018: This year's tracks unveiled

Posted in News on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 by The Beachcomber Tours Correspondent

2018 promises to be great, with the tracks of the 5th edition of the Ultra Trail Raidlight Beachcomber recently unveiled. On the 28th of July, trailers will be in the starting blocks, with four races expected to be thrilling. The first contenders to start will do so on the “Trail des 7 couleurs by Raidlight & Beachcomber”, a fascinating 100km to be completed either alone or in pair. The races to follow are the “Trail de la Perruche by Air France” (47km), “Trail du Nautile by Transcontinents” (25km) and the last race of the competition, the “Trail du Souffleur” (10km) scheduled on the 29th of July. Here are more details on the big stages of this new edition of UTRB!

The kick start of the 100km race will happen on the south west coast, at Paradis Beachcomber. Trail runners enlisted in the famous “Trail des 7 couleurs by Raidlight & Beachcomber” will, this year, take on a new track. They will start at Le Morne, before beginning their climb towards the Piton de la Rivière Noire, reaching 828 meters. Will then follow the down slope to the Black River Gorges parking lot, before climbing again to reach the Parakeet antenna at an altitude of 720 meters. The runners will keep to the south of the central plateau, crossing Alexandra Falls (700 m) and Piton Savanne (704 m), until they start the final descent in direction of Shandrani Beachcomber, in Blue Bay.

Those preferring to face this ultra-trail as a pair will have the opportunity to do so in the form of a relay. The first leg starts at Paradis Beachcomber and ends at Alexandra Falls, while the second leg consists of leaving Alexandra Falls towards Shandrani Beachcomber. The 3 other races, being the 47km, 25km and 10km, proposed by the Beachcomber Events team, remain unchanged this year. They will surely delight the participants once again with their technicality and the beautiful sceneries across the paths.

A track set between mountains and sea is what the “Trail de la Perruche by Air France” offers to those stepping in; 47km that start at Alexandra Falls, crossing the centre and south-east of the island. The “Trail du Nautile by Transcontinents” (25km) invites its runners to race through the Deep South, starting at the Union Factory. Announcing the end of the competition, on the 29th of July, the “Trail du Souffleur” is a 10km long track bordering the cliffs of the south coast.

Since its launching in 2014, the UTRB’s popularity keeps increasing amongst trailers in Mauritius and abroad. These passionate runners, always keen to discover new and untouched sceneries, will surely find what they seek at this year’s event.

Over and above the competition aspect, this unique ultra-trail in Mauritius is an unavoidable gathering for nature and sports lovers, who are given the chance and opportunity to create unforgettable memories while discovering new and unexpected aspects of Mauritius.

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