Beachcomber celebrates International Bee Day

Posted in News on Monday, June 7, 2021 by The Beachcomber Tours Correspondent

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels presents Le Miel de nos Jardins, or The Honey from our Gardens sustainability programme which was launched on International Bee Day on 20 May 2021 at all Beachcomber Resorts. 

This innovative programme promotes sustainable beekeeping and biodiversity and includes the installation of beehives in the gardens of all Beachcomber hotels, the harvest of honey and an educational component on the importance of pollinators. This project promoting the protection of bees, whose world population is in decline, is carried out by our passionate beekeeper, Etienne de Senneville.

The Honey from our Gardens initiative is a result of the pilot project launched in 2019 which saw the installation of beehives at the Royal Palm Beachcomber. Today all Beachcomber hotels have nearly 40 beehives in secure locations with some 50,000 bees busy in each hive.

"Beachcomber is proud to support the protection of bees through this ecological action, which pays special attention to them. This approach is in line with the 52 Environmental and Societal Commitments and the Group's EarthCheck certification. It reflects its willingness to go even further in implementing environmentally friendly practices,” says Jason Hardy, Head of Quality Assurance. The programme’s three objectives are to: preserve pollinators; raise awareness of the threats bees face; and introduce local honey to our guests.

The implementation is a close collaboration between our beekeeper and the director of Bee Works Ltd who assists Beachcomber in setting up beehives, maintaining them as well as collecting the honey. “Hotel gardens provide an environment that is extremely favourable for the well-being of bees, being made up of a multitude of flowers and other plants rich in pollen such as palms and coconut palms. Moreover, the good health of Beachcomber's beehives is a marker of the quality of the site's biodiversity,” says Etienne de Senneville.

Last January, the hotels carried out their first major harvest of honey. A total of 139kg were collected. This honey is notable for its great delicacy with notes of flowers and a depth of flavour, which pleases the tastebuds. The local nectar, with its unique taste, has already inspired the chefs of Beachcomber. In addition to savouring this local honey at the breakfast buffet, guests can enjoy it in an assortment of exclusive pastries.

This project for the protection of biodiversity also includes an important component dedicated to the training and awareness of Beachcomber artisans. Led by Etienne de Senneville, these workshops have two components: raising awareness of the essential role of bees; and sharing the art of beekeeping.

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels will take a further step in its commitment to eco-responsible beekeeping in the coming months, with the implementation of Bee Tours to introduce people to the fascinating world of bees. During this guided tour, customers will be introduced to colony life, the work of bees, and the stages of honey extraction. A first in Mauritius, the Beachcomber Bee Tours are already shaping up to be a remarkable and unusual experience in the world of foraging insects.

View the lovely images in this YouTube video:  Beachcomber celebrates International Bee Day