Posted in News on Thursday, April 28, 2016 by The Beachcomber desk

This special mobile app service is for customers who have booked an all-inclusive stay in Mauritius with Beachcomber, providing discounts at over 175 shops, restaurants, sports & fitness centres, nature reserves and tour organisers.

Discounts range from 10% to 15% and will be valid for the full duration of stays at Beachcombers Shandrani Resort & Spa, Le Canonnier, Le Victoria and Le Mauricia hotels.
In addition to the already attractive all-inclusive package benefits, this free service allows customers to enjoy the best prices on a wide range of products and services to help them discover Mauritius. The list of partner shops and service providers includes jewellery stores, perfume and cosmetics shops, eyewear outlets, clothing stores, restaurants located in picturesque places on the island, as well as some of the most breathtaking nature reserves  from lush mountains to the seashore.
After connecting to the hotels WiFi link, Beachcomber all-inclusive customers can download the app to their iOS or Android smartphone and confirm access to their free subscription with a personal password that will be generated by the service provider.

Users will be only a few swipes away from discounted offers by partners in four categories (Restaurant, Shops, Leisure and Services), even in offline mode. A dedicated key on the apps main page also provides access to special Beachcomber bargains. On reaching any partner shop or office, the registered user will simply display the personal digital card on his or her smartphones screen to enjoy the discount.
Thanks to the smartphone geolocation function, and if a WiFi or 3G network is available while touring outside the hotel, the customer can also be informed in real time of the proximity of partner outlets offering discounts.

Beachcomber has teamed up with Le Passeport service provider to design this new customer service. Established a few years ago by Oxymore Ltd., a Mauritian SME, Le Passeport was primarily designed for Mauritians or permanent residents. The service was available at a full annual subscription fee only. The subscriber received a discount card that could be used at certain outlets.
Beachcomber is now the exclusive hotel partner of Le Passeport for the launch of its unique app that has been enhanced with greater flexibility for subscriptions, usage periods and an updated partners list. Thanks to the new opportunities offered by the fully IT-enabled and online function of Le Passeport, Beachcomber Hotels can access the discount service for its clients so that they in turn can benefit from new shopping and excursion opportunities.
Beachcombers focus is on the quality of customer service as well as the social and economic development of destinations where we have set up our hotels. The new service we are offering as from the 1st of May will encourage our customers to enjoy all the comfort and services of our hotels and of our all-inclusive package whilst discovering more of Mauritius.

In doing so, we are also contributing even further to the national tourisms business ecosystem thanks to the additional activity that we will be bringing to the 175 discount partners and for ancillary service providers, says Nicolas Staub, Group Head of Sales at Beachcomber.
For more information about Beachcomber Tours, please visit or contact Joanne Visagie at or 021 850 5300.