Golf for Kids

Posted in News on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 by the Beachcomber News Correspondent

Get your children interested in golf from an early age and enrol them for a one week course at the Junior Gold Academy at Paradis Hotel and Golf Club in Mauritius.  Designed for children aged 6-12 and each session is three hours long each day.

The courses are run by Sebastien Ollivier, the 36 year-old French golf pro who has been at Paradis since 2006.  Over the years he has built up a superb team of four golf pro
Instructors to assist guests at Paradis to perfect their game.  

Among Sebastien’s many achievements is having taught a young Mauritian hotel cleaner to play golf.  He is now one of the most popular pro instructors at the hotel.

Sebastien lists six of the most important points when teaching children to play golf and among them he lists the importance of coming with friends.  He recommends families book a one hour lesson to check the child’s interest and potential.